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Art Translation and Art Curation / Arita Cafe




コロナ・パンデミック渦で世界が新しい働き方、そして生き方へと動き出した2021年。その年の瀬、 Aging Gracfefully Ottawa のオーナーであり、ウェルネス・インストラクターのマクフェイル・妃呂美先生とオタワ周辺に在住のローカル・アーティスト(アート・プロフェッショナル)のサポートを目的として、ARITAcafe:有田カフェ、を開催いたしました。

During the COVID-19 pandemic people have been forced to change the way they work and live. From November to December 2021, Hiromi McPhail, the owner and head instructor of Aging Gracefully Ottawa, and I organised a gallery/café featuring five local artists' works, in order to support their sales, which had suffered because of the pandemic.  

ご参加いただいた作家さんのご好意により、販売作品の20%をCHEO(Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) に寄付させて頂く事ができました。

We donated 20 percent of the profits from this gallery/café to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), including generous contributions from the artists.



From this valuable experience, the idea of “art center: ARITAcafe: 有田カフェ,” came about.  It is for local female artists to get together and encourage each other with new challenges (such as organising exhibitions and pop up shops).


美術愛好家、コレクター、そして研究者として私の強みを生かした美術マーケットへの関わり方を考えた際に着目したのが、挑戦を続けるアーティストさんを言語の側から支えるお仕事: アート翻訳です。

As an art lover, collector and researcher, my language abilities will allow not only Japanese-speaking but also English-speaking artists to explore and expand to different markets beyond those of their mother tongues. This is my second mission, art translation.



Art History is a discipline that requires a high degree of specialisation.  In order to receive an Art History Ph.D in North America, you are required to speak at least three languages.  However, if you use the right approach in any discipline, you will find a way to enjoy the materials.  This is my last, yet biggest, mission. It is my passion.  I want eveyone to know that Art History is very exciting and fun!


There is a little trick to make your art gallery experiences much more enjoyable. Let me show you how exciting it can be to visit art galleries.  

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